The eggPay ecosystem on blockchain

eggPay is an integrated digital ecosystem, based on blockchain, at the service of networks of businesses and citizens and, more generally, of business communities wishing to introduce digital assets or tokens freely circulating within the community to facilitate and accelerate interactions and exchanges of value.

A particular token that can be managed with eggPay is the Commercial Credit used by particular business networks (Commercial Credit Circuits) as a complementary payment system to the Euro and as a peer-2-peer interest-free financing system for all network members.

The platform makes it possible to define Communities, i.e. aggregates of subjects (to be understood as natural or legal persons) having a common interest or purpose.
The Community can be, in turn, subdivided into second level communities according to territorial or supply chain type or other articulations.

Each Community can define and manage its Digital Tokens that will be usable by all the subjects belonging to the Community and to all the sub-communities.

Each Token has its own characteristics and circulation rules.

A Token is a unique digital asset managed on blockchain and has different characteristics and rules of circulation.
Each token has its own rules of issue, allocation, circulation, destruction.

These rules are implemented in the Smart Contract that governs the operation of the token on the blockchain.

The backoffice operators, customer companies’ managers or operators of the company that coordinates the network of companies, have their own administration application with which they can register the customer companies, adjust the token operating parameters, monitor the performance of the network and the flow of exchanges.

Finally, for all end users of the Community is available a digital mobile-first, multi-wallet, multi-currency, multi-circuit payment app that allows to manage the balance of all the tokens activated by the user, the history of movements, the account statement and the payment and collection processes in different ways, based on QR CODE or identification keys for fast payment (token key).

eggPay is a project of eggChain srls ( in collaboration with Ex Machina Italia.