We are Ex Machina Italy

We offer digital solutions and professional services dedicated to Digital Transformation for Businesses and Public Administration

We specialize in DevOps consulting, web and mobile application development, system integration, application consulting, and innovative solution design based on deep understanding of business processes

We use cutting-edge technologies such as Open Badges, Blockchain (Ethereum), Business Intelligence (Qlik), Kubernetes, and Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to support our clients in adopting digital tools and processes to improve efficiency and productivity

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Open Badge

In Edutech, we offer a comprehensive service based on the Open Badges ecosystem and, particularly, to system integration and automation through the DCM solution: Digital Credential Manager

Artificial intelligence

We support companies and universities in their plans to adopt Generative Artificial Intelligence trained and specialized on specific content and processes and integrated into the client's IT ecosystem


We specialize in the development and maintenance of blockchain solutions based on Ethereum technology applied to Notarization and Tokenization services in many business areas, particularly for the Energy and Energy Communities sector (eggSolar project)

DevOps Consulting

We advise companies and organizations on the use of new Cloud Native technologies, particularly Kubernetes, for which we offer fast and effective training and start-up courses

Business Intelligence

Realizziamo Dashboard e Cruscotti efficaci e immediati per consentire ai diversi stakeholders aziendali di monitorare dati di pertinenza, fare analisi e prendere decisioni.

Who we are

We are a passionate team that believes in code as a tool to change the world for the better by combining solid technical foundations with deep humanity

Why the name Ex Machina?

Our name comes from ancient Greek theater. "Deus ex machina" - Latin for "Deity (descending) from the machine" - in Greek tragedy refers to the device by which actors impersonating gods were suspended above the stage, ready to be dropped onto the stage to resolve a complex and otherwise stuck situation arising from conflicting human purposes. We have seen the analogy between Greek theater and computer consulting, where computers (or technology) and independent IT professionals, thinking outside the box, are usually in a privileged position to respond to a specific need. Since of course we are not gods we took out the word Deus...et voila! The journey has begun

Our partnerships
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dialoghi sull'AI

For Ex Machina, the best way to stay at the forefront of innovation is to make it. Through ExLab, we develop and bring to market high-potential projects. The latest challenge is in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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