Monster Roller

“Monster Roller”: Driving down a mountain on a giant kick scooter! We were stoked about the plan, however when the day came, the weather didn’t cooperate and the forecast showed the first heavy rains in a month. Nevertheless, we bravely went head on into it. If anything, it would have turned out an adventure!

Bosco Gurin is a spectacular little village in the Maggia valley, and from there we started for a relaxing (at least for the few of us in shape!!) walk up the mountain. The more we were climbing, the more competitive the talk became. Santiago and Francesco warned not to awake their competitive spirit …otherwise it could have ended dangerously (for them 😀 )!

When we got to the top, the view was… well, mysterious and poetic. We definitively are developers that live and breathe the Cloud 😉
As the fog avoided distractions, we raced down to the first stop: A traditional Swiss dairy and cheese factory. It was delicious, and gave us insight in what it takes to make real Swiss cheese.

The second leg of our Monster Roller race was gruesome and exciting: With rain drizzling on our faces we drifted around cows, jumped into muddy puddles, avoided holes, and went faster than Puppet deployment! Finally, traditional Walser settings provided us with well-deserved warmth and refueling to end this fun adventure.

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