Blockchain starter-kit

Many organizations are overwhelmed by a large volume of documents on a daily basis. But what happens when these begin to circulate outside the corporate perimeter, are sent to customers, suppliers, partners, users, regulators, auditing bodies ? What if these documents (in any digital format) suffer tampering after they are first issued ? What would be the damage to your company ?

Notarization on blockchain answers these questions in the following way:

it assigns each document an incontestable certain date guaranteed by blockchain technology
makes it possible to verify the integrity of the document at any time and intercept any fraud or forgery

Ex Machina Italia promotes the use of notarization on blockchain with an all-inclusive activity package that facilitates and simplifies the adoption of this technology by any company by integrating – in a very short time – this innovative service within existing business processes and systems.


– general training on blockchain technology and its features
– technical training on our notarization APIs
– coaching and support for integration
– first 5000 notarizations included in the package

Contact us now to learn all the details and request a quote.

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