GenAI Starter-kit

Want to start exploring the potential of Generative AI for your business? Did you know there is a way to do this without activating a ChatGPT licence, and hand over your business data to the AI giant?

Ex Machina Italia, thanks to its partnership with Memori.ai, offers the activation of conversational agents that exploit the full potential of Generative AI. In fact, with the Twin Creator platform it is possible to give life in a very short time to small (or even large) AI projects, to solve, make more automatic, or simply enhance internal or external services of the company. Let’s take a few examples: a conversational agent can be used by a company to create, for instance, knowledge ‘repositories’ that can be interrogated verbally or simply by chatting, instead of managing mountains of written documents in which it is difficult to locate the content sought. These AIs, internally within the company, can thus be like virtual mentors for new employees or agents to be interrogated on the bison in order, for instance, to provide helpdesk services.

Of course, in their final and best-known form, chatbots can be used as agents to package online services to their customers. Virtual assistants on sites, or ‘online manuals’ of platforms, customer support chats, etc. These uses, the chatbots we propose can exploit generative AI to create effective content in a first phase, but then be deactivated and used only on ‘local’ content. This increases the accuracy of responses, and avoids the already known ‘hallucination’ effect of some use of Gen AI.

So for all intents and purposes, it is possible to train and put a conversational agent online, completely under the control of the organisation. And guarantee the end customers more reliable content, instead of relying on a generalist service.


  • Low cost and accessible, only to the most important use cases that can bring tangible benefits to the company.
  • Protection of company data, information is stored in a content repository that is completely available to the company, which can evolve and modify it over time.
  • ease of use, with completely NO CODE interfaces
  • turnkey service (in SAAS mode) on targeted use case only, no investment in use of entire platforms.



The service includes the turnkey use of the Twin Creator platform, on one or more chatbots:

  • creation of corporate users, who will act as ‘authors’ of the chatbot
  • access to general chatbot management, definition of chatbot identity, language settings
  • mass loading of content
  • editing and management of chatbot content
  • access to and monitoring of all chatbot conversations, with the possibility of exploiting their content
  • management of specific contexts to differentiate access to specific content
  • configuration of one or more different chatbot layouts, including the possibility of using 3D avatars


If business requirements do not fit the basic conversational agent model, Ex machina Italia is able to propose even more advanced solutions. In some cases, for example, it is possible to realise integration with proprietary databases, again starting from conversational agents, or to license an entire instance of the Twin Creator platform for complex projects involving the activation of many different agents according to customer requirements.

Of course, the use of an AI does not necessarily end with the sole use of chatbots. Ex Machina Italia is capable of analysing the specific needs of a company and supporting it in the design of a tailor-made solution.

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