Engine Data Management

Engine Data Management (EDM)

Engine Data Manager is a cloud-based application for data management of all assemblies consisting of unique and individual mechanical parts that need to be tracked in terms of component or part life and traceability with regard to assembly in an assembly. The system started out as software to support the specific activities of an ‘R&D’ department in the engine field, but can also be extended to other uses. It provides the possibility of feeding a database of ‘components’ that can be appropriately grouped into assembly sheets (templates). With this data in the system, generally managed by the ‘data manager’ user profile, it is possible to create lists of mechanical assemblies whose components will be tested in the prototype phase. For each test, the system will appropriately record the data required for tracking by the R&D team, in order to then produce reports and control statistics. The system is divided into 3 modules:


  • Components: the functions for entering/updating components understood both as codes (generic part-numbers) and as individual parts (serials)
  • Template: the functions for creating templates (assembly sheets) of assemblies, which will serve as a model for the construction of the individual assembly
  • Assembly: the functions for creating a single assembly, complete with all its parts (understood as serials).
  • Experience: The functions for creating multiple tests and tracking time, km or indices to be tracked on the parts.



  • Communications: the functions for entering/updating technical communications within the team
  • Anomalies: functions for managing anomalies related to assemblies produced by the team and their workflow
  • Experiments: the functions for creating experiments to improve the performance or solve anomalies of the team’s projects


Dedicated dashboard and reporting web area to monitor data related to the EDM DATA and EDM COMMUNITY modules.

EDM is a shining example of the integration of technologies that Ex Machina Italia uses in various areas. The Community part is realised with Interacta, which is the flagship application we promote for digital team collaboration. The reporting part is realised with the powerful Qlik platform, which allows any customised report for the company’s needs to be created from the managed data, in addition to the standard reports.

To request an offer you can contact us directly (info@exmitalia.it) or refer to the official EDM website: https://edmproject.it/

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