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Kubernetes starter-kit

The interdependence of software development and IT operations (DevOps) is the key node for an organization to develop its software products and services more quickly and efficiently. Cloud computing, which is now emerging as a well-established paradigm, increasingly requires specific knowledge of the services and architectures that the software company must move toward as it seeks to renew its IT assets. Although IT companies are made up of specialized personnel, they often find it difficult due to organizational or business constraints to embark on paths of innovation, so they need someone who can understand the specific needs and accompany them in this process of change.

Ex Machina Italia wants to give an answer to the most frequent questions that IT managers in companies often ask themselves: is it really worthwhile for me to introduce a new continuous integration and continuous deployment paradigm in the company? What advantages can I have in terms of maintainability? What does introducing a microservices architecture entail at the operational and programming level?

Ex Machina Italia has gained valuable expertise in particular on Kubernetes, identified as the real “rudder” of innovation, and with the triple Kubernetes certification (administrator, application developer and security specialist) offers a fast and effective six-day course to embark on the path of change.


Day 1

– Basic concepts of DevOps
– Principles of DevOps
– Differences with traditional techniques
– Pipelines and Automated Testing
– Continuous Integration
– Some CI/CD tools
– Notes on GitOps
– Tools for GitOps

Day 2

– Docker and containers
– Basic architecture of Kubernetes
– Administration tools
– Installing and updating a cluster

Day 3

– Managing permissions
– Workloads and related resources
– The scheduling of workloads

Day 4

– Network management and services
– Data persistence

Day 5

– Notes on security
– Custom resources and operators

Day 6

– Introduction to Tekton
– Installing Tekton
– The Tekton Command Line
– The Tasks and TaskRuns
– The Pipelines and PipelineRuns
– The TektonTriggers

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