Digitizing Energy Communities

2024 will finally be the golden year for Renewable Energy Communities (CER in the italian Acronym), which have been waiting for at least two years for a legislative intervention in order to establish themselves as a market.

The new decree envisages an incentive to remunerate the energy produced and self-shared within the energy community, in addition to the PNRR incentives for municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

There is much promise in the implementation of the CERs, including benefits for end consumers as well, with lower energy costs and the model of self-production from renewable sources. In this whole scenario, photovoltaics in particular could be a driving element, to generate a virtuous mechanism favouring the involvement of local authorities, associations, cooperatives, citizens.

However, the management and implementation of a CER requires complex procedures, specific knowledge and skills, both technological and regulatory. Ex Machina Italia fits into this context as a provider of digital technology, at the service of CERs using Renewable Energy plants.

As part of the eGreen Chain Energy Community, Ex Machina Italia participated as a partner in the implementation of a digital platform based on Blockchain. This technology was used to guarantee the uniqueness and inviolability of data, as well as transparency and traceability. Basically, we used an Ethereum side-chain to represent the energy produced and its value through digital tokens.

From this experience, Ex Machina Italia has acquired the skills and domain knowledge to be able to provide digital solutions to all CERs, from managing the value produced by the plant (whatever the source) to digitally supporting outreach and engagement with potential members of an CER, for example through the use of conversational chatbots based on Generative AI.

Are you part of a Cer community? Are you looking for a digital solution to support your Cer? If you are interested, follow us because we will soon publish a more detailed post on how this solution works.

Lear more: info@exmitalia.it

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